Facebook Image Size 2021

Do you know the feeling not knowing the correct image sizes while creating a new Facebook group or posting pictures of your products? There are a lot different image sizes on Facebook. We collected some useful image formats for your Facebook channel! Check out our table of the current image sizes.

Recommended Facebook Image Sizes of 2021

 Image Size
Profile/Page Picture Size180 x 180 px
Cover Photo Size820 x 312 px
Image Post Size1200 x 630 px
Event Image Size1920 x 1080 px
Cover Photo Size1640 x 856 px
Facebook Story Size1080 x 1920 px


The profile picture will be displayed as 180 x 180 pixels, we recommend use a bigger image. Keep the aspect ratio of 1:1 and use a dimension of 515 x 512 or 1080 x 1080 pixel. You can use this profile picture for all of your social media accounts.